Enjoy a fine dining experience or a weekend getaway at Venus Garden.

Venus Garden is the brainchild of Venus R. Navalta. It started as vacation houses for her family, first at Infanta, then at Baguio. Seeing the potential to share the enjoyment of the experiences in these two places, Venus set it up as a weekend or summer getaway and a fine dining restaurant respectively.

Baguio City is the summer capital of the Philippines. Located in the mountain ranges of the Cordillera, It is where Filipinos go to escape the heat of their tropical country. It also offers unique produce that is only available in their market. Venus wanted to capitalize on that and developed her Baguio vacation house into a private, fine dining restaurant specializing in European, American and Filipino cuisine. Venus Garden offers a fresh and unique dining experience in Baguio.

Located south of Luzon, Infanta in Quezon province is a secluded hideaway that is yet to be commercialized. Because most of its townsfolk are either farmers or fishermen, Infanta has the freshest fruits, vegetables and seafood. The shrimps, crabs and yellow fin tuna are their specialty. Venus' beach house offers all the comforts of a modern home. Spend a day at the beach or simply enjoy rural living. And temporarily get away from the crowded, polluted city life.

Venus believes that comfort and luxury can be enjoyed even at the most farthest or most isolated places in the country. That is why she is bringing them to Baguio and Infanta to reward those who are willing to explore and try something new.